‘It was a pleasure to meet you on Hvar. Thank you so much for officiating at our ceremony. The words you chose were very special and were such a wonderful way to begin our lives as a married couple’

— Chantal and Neill


‘Thank you so much for being the best wedding celebrant. Our day was everything we had dreamt of and more. We are so pleased that you were a part of it’

— Chloe and Max

Your symbolic wedding

Do you feel that romance? That elemental quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, perfection and respite from everyday life? The definitions of romance are as many and varied as the unique and beautiful couples I have joined together.

My role as symbolic wedding celebrant is to define the essence of your relationship and make living memories from your day dreams. This is what sets me apart from the usual civil wedding ceremonies that you might have experienced in your own country.

People are recognising the flexibility and the endless possibilities of symbolic wedding ceremonies. Combine that with Croatia being a destination of the eternally romantic, and you can create something truly magical. Unspoilt beaches, clear aired mountains, fecund forests, it’s all here.

With impeccable local knowledge, and an innate flair for empathic design, as your wedding celebrant I can organise your personalised symbolic wedding ceremonies anywhere in and around Split, the Dalmatian Islands, and beyond.

During the period of preparation, together we can collaborate on a ceremony script to produce something entirely yours, to last forever.  I can conduct weddings in English, Italian, and Croatian, with participation of your friends and family, should you so wish.

 Whatever your dream of a perfect symbolic wedding, I will make it happen for you.

My elemental inspiration

The elements of earth, water, air, fire, and æther/space, were classed by the classical world as the fundamental building blocks of nature. Inspired by the landscape I grew up with, as your symbolic wedding celebrant I want to share the possibilities of how they can be an integral part of your special day.

Pine and salt scented air fills us with joy, and the constant fresh breeze from the Adriatic is a welcome respite from the heat. Let our words of love be liberated as we speak from high on a majestic mountainside, or let the wind move us as you celebrate on a private sailing boat .

Pure turquoise, greens and blues to make your souls sing, our water here is special. I invite you to say your vows against pristine rivers or mirror calm freshwater lakes. Gather on a festooned jetty, or on the beach.  Regardless of the time of day or night, the water will be glorious.

The tranquility of an olive grove beckons. Or perhaps something different, more mysterious? I give you the options of being cocooned by cool earth.  Seal your kiss in the intimate surroundings of a historic wine cellar, or the timeless wonder of a natural underground cave. Twinkling candles and hushed voices will ensure a unique experience.

Passion is what brings you together, and the fire of our Croatian sun will melt your hearts. Have the ultimate romantic experience of saying your vows as the sun sets in a blaze of natural pyrotechnics…or if you prefer a different kind of fire, experience love in one of our historic lighthouses.

And finally space or aether, which the ancients believed was the material that filled the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere. Our history is what fills our hearts. Echo the love of ages past, and in your symbolic ceremony connect with the history of our beautiful cities. A beautiful palace, a historic courtyard, or dramatic Roman wall – can all be your backdrop.

Best of all, here in Croatia, we have the magic to combine it however you like.